December 2008

I must apologize for my utter lack of posting this past month and a half. What I haven’t mentioned before now is that I am expecting a baby! He has been consuming my thoughts, and is now due in less than a week. I fully plan to resume posting in a couple of months.In the meantime, I’ll leave my thoughts on the parallels of natural wine-making and natural childbirth.

Both are making a resurgence after decades of medical/agricultural interventions. I once read a blog post by a fellow local blogger about his efforts to make wine. After admitting that he added acid to his very alcoholic wine, he said, “What? You mean I add things to my wine? You bet. And anyone who doesn’t is either very, very lucky, or very, very stupid.” 

As I attempt to go through childbirth naturally, please wish me luck, because I know I’m not stupid!


An interesting article in the New York Times outlines the difficulty Prosecco producers in the Veneto  are having in their attempts to protect the name Prosecco as unique to that part of Italy. Because it is the name of both the grape and the wine, it’s more difficult to prevent the appearance of the word on a label of an Argentinean version, than it is to make the same argument for Champagne, which is the name of the region.  If Prosecco was referred to as Conegliano or Valdobbiadene it’d be a more equivalent situation. Not that Champagne producers are  having an easy time protecting their name either — the Office of Champagne USA have spent  quite a bit of money this season placing their ad unmasking “American Champagne” in the New York TImes online and on Times Square this holiday season.