The French government has passed some surprising new legislation restricting wine advertising in a dramatic way. The “Loi Evin” , a law passed almost 20 years ago restricting the advertising of spirits and tobacco, has been extended to wine. The restrictions treat advertisements and journalism the same, so an article about the Champagne region would be required to post a health warning. Television and the internet are not allowed to feature wine at all. That means that a blog like this one, or any of those linked to the right, would be illegal! A website called is asking for petition signatures to update the law to allow the internet (at the very least) the same restrictions as the written press. I’m happy that France is developing a public health policy that works towards eliminating cigarette smoking, but I’m very opposed to a trend toward treating wine as poison too. It is an integral and beautiful part of the dinner table, something France has understood for the last 2000 years. I never would have thought the French government would develop regulations against wine that are even more strict than our own here in the United States.


[The poster reads: “Tomorrow, in France, hundreds of journalistes and professionals will be silenced. What future is there for wine if we cannot talk?”]