My ears always perk up when I notice wine mentioned in music and movies. It is an interesting way of seeing what people were drinking at the time. For instance, in “Touchez pas au grisbi“, when Jean Gabin’s character orders champagne in a nightclub, I was fascinated to see that it was Lanson brand, if only because it isn’t such a popular brand anymore. Anyway, I was just listening to Judy Collin’s song, “Tom Thumb’s Blues” and this lyric in particular:

“I started off with Burgundy but soon hit the hard stuff.”

Burgundy gets mentioned frequently in music from the 60s and 70s, and I’m so curious whether they are taking about actual Burgundy — wine, either simple or fine, made from Pinot Noir in the Burgundy region of France — or “Burgundy” — jug wine from the least special vineyards in California, made from god knows which grapes, but most likely not Pinot Noir.  My suspicion is that Collin’s was drinking the latter, but who knows? Real Burgundy was cheaper back then, and she was rock star of sorts.