Corti Brothers Grocery Store is a Sacramento institution; and for locals truly interested in food and wine, a necessity. That they recently lost their lease at the 59th and Folsom location came as a shock to me. It’s hard to imagine the store anywhere else (even though the East Sacramento location isn’t the original one) because it has been at that corner since I was a little girl. It is where my mom went every Christmas season to find the obscure ingredients for her antiquated fruitcake cookie recipe. And it is where I go now to do the majority of my wine shopping. It is also hard to imagine a more desirable tenant than Corti Brothers, but I have a feeling money has something to do with it. A “natural-organic crossover market” is what East Sac has to look forward to instead. I am beyond thrilled that Darrell has decided to move to another spot rather than choose this unfortunate moment to retire. Let’s hope he lands somewhere in the grid!