Last night really felt like summer as we demolished our composed salad of bell peppers, tomatoes (though really, even the Early Girls aren’t quite ready unfortunately), eggs, anchovies, sardines, avocado, onions and potatoes (shout out to the Geman Butterballs from Full Belly Farm!) and washed it down with a glass of southern French rosé. The only thing more Provencal than Salade Nicoise is  rosé wine. We had Mas Grand Plagniol’s Costieres des Nimes rosé made from Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsaut. The unusually large proportion of Syrah made it a darker and meatier rosé than most. It had very a slight tannic bite that made me think it would be great with a hamburger. But it was excellent with the salad too. Not only did the experience promote summery feelings, it also reinforced my opinion that regional foods and wines make the best pairings. Plenty of other wines would go with a this salad, specifically light, crisp, white wines; but would they go as well with the dish as a rosé did? I think not. The eggs provide a richness that might make a light white seem feeble, whereas rosé — especially this one– has more body to compete with that richness. If you are ever at a loss for what to drink with what you eat…figure out where the dish comes from and find a wine from or near that region.