Doesn’t it seem like wine isn’t advertised on television anymore? Perhaps you’ll see the occasional Arbor Mist (it is difficult for me to call that wine) commercial, but it seems like when I was a kid there were plenty of wine ads on TV. Spirits ads are also mostly absent, whereas beer commercials are all over the place.  According to this website, one out of seventy-seven commercials are advertising beer, one out of two thousand are for wine, and one out of six thousand six hundred and sixty-six are for spirits. Strangely, this seems to be a self-imposed limit on the wine and spirits industry in this particular advertising format, as opposed to some sort of legal ban like I previously thought.

At any rate, these old television commercials are worth a laugh:

Paul Masson was known as the “Champagne King of California” and made wine in the Santa Cruz mountains around the turn of the last century. His brand persisted through most of the century. This ad campaign with Orson Welles where they promise to “…sell no wine before its time,” made that a household phrase in the 1970s. Looking at the outtakes (also found on youtube) makes it evident that Welles was quite drunk during the filming of this commercial: 

Riunite, an industrial Lambrusco that I wrote about yesterday, was also popular in the 1970’s:

McWilliams is an Australian winery, who made this strange commercial in the 1980s for their “Traminer Riesling,” which appears to be a blend of Gewurtztraminer and Riesling (rather than actual Traminer, or even Savignin which occasionally goes by the name Traminer). The animation reminds me of the Smurfs, and I think using cartoons to advertise alcoholic beverages has become taboo since then:

I know nothing about this brand, Colony, “and that’s okay”: