Foreau is one of the top producers in the Loire Valley appellation of Vouvray. It is often put on the same pedestal as Huet, and rightfully so, as their vineyards are close and share the same types of soil. I recently had Huet’s 2005 Le Haut Lieu Vouvray, which is sec, meaning dry. It was wonderful, with a chalky and floral nose, and a hefty roundness balanced by a line of lemony acid. I’m even more enamored with Foreau’s 2004 Vouvray Sec. The 2004 is the current release for Foreau, which I like because that means there is a little bit of age on the wine, and Chenin Blanc ages well. The nose is more complex, it’s taken on a little bit of a honey note, and smells like wet chalk. It has so much acidity (part of why it will age well) that its reminiscent of orange juice. This isn’t a wine to chug down like O.J. (though I do recommend it for brunch), but rather one to take time with and enjoy. It has so much mineral character, it’s almost like sucking on rocks. I love it!


Ode to Foreau

Foreau, Foreau, Foreau, Foreau,

How I love the grapes you grow.

Your chalky juice makes my heart swell,

Which delightful creature will suit you well?

If I were near the Chesapeake Bay,

I’d grill a soft shell crab today.

Instead I’ll go with Dungeness,

A delicious crab, no more, no less.